About Juniors

Junior Surf at Spencer Park is all about having fun. We encourage the children to participate in all aspects of the program including competing at local junior surf sport carnivals. Our junior program is suited for children aged from 7 through to 13 years and forms an integral part of our club to develop new lifeguards and brings a community spirit as we see our children grow in a positive and encouraging environment.

The Junior Surf program is aimed to provide children the skills to attain their Surf Lifeguard Award on reaching the age of 14. This is achieved by participating in a structured and progressive program which measures the individuals abilities against a national Level Award system through to the age of 13. We have found that children who enjoy the beach and surf environment usually match or exceed the requirements for their age.

The program will teach children:

  • Safety on the beach
  • Safety in the surf
  • Wave types, rips
  • Sun smart
  • Basic first aid (12/13 yrs)

Junior Surf is also a sport, much of the program is focused on surf sport disciplines that are contested at both local and national junior surf lifesaving events. These disciplines comprise of both individual and team events made up from:

  • Beach sprints / relays
  • Beach flags
  • Surf swim
  • Paddle board

As a Junior surf member, it is expected that you attend weekly Club Day training on Sunday mornings, attend local Junior surf competitions (usually 3 throughout season) and are enrolled in a private swimming lesson or squad training program.

Your children will:

  • Have fun
  • Learn new skills
  • Grow in confidence
  • Make new friends
  • Be in a safe, friendly and controlled environment

To find out more information or to register, contact our Junior Coordinator.